Claire Laurenson is a singer-songwriter from Shetland, currently based in Edinburgh.
The Assembly of Animals is her debut concept album which she will be releasing in May under the name of Ives. The story of the album is based on a fictional island that was heavily inspired by the Shetland Islands, whilst the music comes from a wide variety of influences including The Prize Fighter Inferno, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.

The Assembly of Animals is set on Arkroe, a small and isolated island with a modest population and a tight community. Sofie, the protagonist, learns about increasing numbers of arson attacks on houses and villages throughout the island, and plans to leave with her family to the mainland until the authorities have identified and apprehended the culprits. However, it soon becomes apparent that the fires are linked to a group of religious extremists who have come to Arkroe with the intention of adapting it into an idealistic society free from all crime; and they are intent on using violent methods both to achieve this goal and to rid the island of anyone who resists the change. Whilst at first it seems likely that the law will quickly catch up with them, Sofie slowly becomes aware of the number of longstanding residents on the island who not only agree with the extremists' regime, but are also set on helping them to execute it.